bamboo frame construction

bamboo constr test @ron_rovers  june2015

After overcoming many problems, like malfunctioning equipment, calibrations, late material deliveries etc etc, we finally could start testing the bamboo beams . They are known as SWB5G : strand woven bamboo 5th generation. Its from our partners in China, and the process is in summary: crushed bamboo poles are compressed into plates and beams, and hot or cold glued together. This provides similar material s wood, only much stronger, and with a higher yield. What we want is to make bamboo frame construction for buildings, to reduce the environmental load. For which it has to go through the official testing. We will also work on finger joints, that have the same strength as the bulk material, to be able to cover all beam sizes. And this is where we could use some support: we still need sawing blades for the finger joints and some financial budget for extra testing…. Interested contact Ronald Rovers.