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COP22 : CO2 budgets and buildings

The past week I could participate in COP22 during Buildings Day, with a presentation on the consequences of the Paris agreement for the buildings and the building sector. We have a maximum budget of 800 GT CO2 that can be emitted before the 2 degree threshold is passed, and what should the building sector do as fair share ( Around 40 % of CO2 emissions is built environment related) . Verder lezen


project advies: energieneutraal – klimaatneutraal – systeemneutraal – (=circulair)

In een recent project is bovenstaande driedeling in ambities  ontwikkeld en uitgewerkt. Vanwege de  nodige vragen hierover,  is er een korte toelichting geschreven.

toelichting e-k-s neutraal – circulair bouwen okt 2016 rorovers

Geïnteresseerd? : Een lezing of workshop met uw medewerkers met vele voorbeelden en keuzedilemmas , om dit verder toe te lichten of uit te werken voor uw organisatie of onderneming. Meer info:


Lectures at RWTH Aachen

RWTH poster

The RWTH Aachen  has kindly invited me to give a series of lectures. The Title of the series will be: “Living happily forever on the planet earth” . Starting with exploring a happy planet, the presentation will build a case around the need to go from carbon bomb building to vegetarian building, and the way we could survive in Scar-City, a environment without own resources. To end with the importance of land, our most valuable asset and capital of the future.

The lectures are planned for June 1st and June 15, see the Poster the university has prepared for the details.