Masterclass: CO2-reduction and closing cycles

SBScentre organizes the masterclass ‘CO2 reduction and closing cycles in the built environment .

On Friday 1 September 2017, in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
The masterclass is open for all professionals who want to understand what the future will bring regarding CO2 and materials.

The masterclass will be about lectures, discussions, groupwork, with regard to:
- analyses of resource flows in a (zero impact) built environment: energy, water, materials, food .
- Implications of the Paris climate agreement: staying with CO2 budgets.
- consequences of zero energy building/retrofit. lectures, updates,new knowledge, pilot experiences
- analyses and discussion on popular strategies ( circular economy, clean tech, ecometabolism, smart cities, climate related CO2 approaches etc)
-discussion and answering of participants professional questions .

See the Masterclass and registration page for more info