New energy retrofit concept : ‘renovation trains’ for mass housing

A large operation is required to make Europe’s existing housing stock more energy efficient, in terms of both demand reduction as well as the installation of local renewable energy technologies. The combination of overall (national) energy targets and the European Union’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) targets suggests the scale of this task involves the retrofitting of millions of houses. An example of a large-scale, rapid process is presented where a series of houses have been retrofitted using a standardized process.

A pilot project exploring this strategy has been completed in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. Several innovations were introduced, tested and refined for the renovation of 150 houses: a serial retrofit process, a renovation time of ten days per house with the houses inhabited during the process, and responsibility for energy performance assigned to the construction team. The construction process is a ‘renovation train’ moving from one house to the next. The experiences are now being used and developed for a follow-up project: a new concept can be used to scale up the process from 100 to 10 000 renovations a year.

The paper is published in BUILDING RESEARCH & INFORMATION 2014,
to illustrate the projects described in the paper  there are several videos available via you tube. Most in Dutch, but they provide some background nevertheless.
project KW1 general overview:
many small instruction videos were made for the inhabitants: here is an example, cleaning the ventilation inlets:
and regarding the follow up project/green deal:
overview of pictures of the pilot houses First part is the original Kerkrade project, then Minister visiting the project, and second part the 4 test houses for the 100,000 renovation plan.
pilot in two days for 1 of the 4 test houses: Melick, by Wonen Limburg corporation and Volker-Wessels consortium:
the 2nd project of 4 test houses in Arnhem:
interview about all 4 projects(also known as project ‘de stroomversnelling’ (renovation ‘rapids’) :
see also more p[ictures at this website: at