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Circulair bouwen:  Energieneutraal-klimaatneutraal-systeemneutraal.

Definitie en ambities van een project vaststellen. Toelichting bij de project aanpak:

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H2020 More-connect

Horizon 2020 project: Large scale retrofit with prefab panels for 0-energy performance of the EU housing stock . See the website:

New IEA Annex

Embodied energy is becoming more important. Currently a new Annex under the IEA SBC Implementing agreement is prepared to investigate the use of embodied energy in practice. like: indicators, performance benchmarks, “0-embodied energy” strategies .

Maxergy for clients

With some potential clients it is explored if the Maxergy methodology can be implemented in their environmental approach, and land management. ( )

introducing 1 day make over retrofits in scotland an ireland

Together with local partners the concept of 1-day housing retrofits for 0-energy performance is introduced, and via workshops possibilities for the local market explored . Since both Scotland and Ireland have a large housing deficit, prefab new ZEB housing is explored as well.

climate neutral building retrofit

Developing concepts for climate-neutral retrofit of education buildings. Climate neutral consists of energy neutral or ZEB, plus process energy in materials. Which creates a very big challenge to bring both to 0, in time. This client offers the possibility to explore a practical approach. see also

Redevelopment of apartment area

3 blocks each 100 apartments need large renovation or to be demolished and replaced with new housing, possibly from the re-use of apartment block elements.

The project studies the redevelopment of the area, while closing cycles in that same area: what resources can be reproduced, which can be grown or generated, which re-used, to create the lowest impact for providing modern, 0-energy housing for in the end 100 households.

Large scale retrofit is slightly better as new houses from reused material, however the main decisive issue becomes infrastructure: in case of new houses, and a new urban layout, the whole infrastructure has to be renewed. Which is disastrous for environmental performance.